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Anti-Itch Braid Spray

Nikki Anit Itch Braid Spray is specially formulated to care for hair that has been styled with braid..

R19.99 Ex Tax: R19.99

Ombre Yaki Braids

Beautiful and Unique New Ombre Yaki Braids.Also available in:#1B/Purple#1B/Blue-Black#1B/27#1B/39#1B..

R14.99 Ex Tax: R14.99

R Dreads Long 22"

Beautiful R- Dreads Long 22"Strong and Long lastingAvailable in colours:#1B#4#27#30#33#39#350..

R90.00 Ex Tax: R90.00

Soft Dreads Long 18"

Premium Soft DreadsGorgeous 18 Inch locks with premium fiberAvailable in all colours #1B#4#30..

R80.00 Ex Tax: R80.00

Oil Moisturising Spray

Moisturises and Nourishes Relieves dry scalp..

R19.99 Ex Tax: R19.99

Oil Sheen Dreams

Oil Sheen for human hair that enhances beauty!Adds a silky shine and most of all, Protects the hair..

R24.99 Ex Tax: R24.99

Oil Sheen Everyday

Nikki Everyday Oil Sheen is a multi purpose spray that can be used on all types of hair. This produc..

R24.99 Ex Tax: R24.99

Oil Sheen Premium

Nikki Premium Wig 'n Weave Oil sheen has been designed to take care of all synthetic pieces as well ..

R24.99 Ex Tax: R24.99